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Our Mission

We craft high-quality eco-friendly websites and web applications using the latest technologies.

We are passionate about efficient tooling, and making big business solutions available to everyone.

Through close collaboration with graphic design teams, our approach ensures that their designs are feasible for development, resulting in a final project that faithfully reflects the original mockup.

Our Approach

Our sites are developed with a design-focused mindset. Our objective is to deliver a result that is visually appealing, user friendly and requires minimal work to perform ongoing maintenance and updates.

We take a component-based approach to development which allows us to reuse more code, which minimizes ongoing maintenance and the time required to make changes to the same design element across the entire site.

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Sustainable Websites

We use cutting-edge development technologies to decrease and actively test the environmental impact of all our projects.

Our website servers are powered by renewable energy sources, ensuring sustainability.

Projects We Take On

Ad Landing Pages

Information Sites

Contest Sites

Content-Driven Websites

Web Apps

We Don't Use Page Builders.

Technologies We Use

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Tools We Use

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Image optimization process to keep file sizes as small as possible

ESlint and Prettier linting tools to consistently format code

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Featured Projects

Becel® Bake A Difference

Developed in partnership with Metropolis Media, we built and launched the entry site for the Becel® Bake A Difference contest.

Key requirements for this project included a user-friendly easy-to-use website, social media gallery integration and a secure backend to store contest entries.

As this was a contest for a very well-known brand, we had to ensure that both the frontend and backend would not experience any downtime under high traffic load--which we achieved.

Screenshot of Becel® Bake A Difference desktop website

Big Deal Presentations

We worked with Big Deal Presentations to launch their rebranded website.

The key metric to measure success of this project was rapid development on a tight deadline.

To pull this off, we leveraged our component-based design-first development workflow and our custom responsive scaling framework.

This site is built using NuxtJS and Tailwindcss.

Screenshot of Big Deal Presentations desktop website

Health Loyalty

In partnership with the graphic design and marketing teams at Momentum Visual, we built and launched Health Loyalty's new website. This was the second website we had built for the Health Loyalty team.

The success of this project was dependent upon AODA/ADA compliance, multilanguage support (English and French, with the ability to add more in the future without rebuilding the site), SEO and site load speed.

Screenshot of Health Loyalty desktop website

Our Process

1. Take a collaborative role in the design process

2. Develop the first revision in a local environment using our "Pixel Possible" process

3. Deploy the site to our internal testing environment for design team review

4. Track feedback using GitHub and Asana, proving realtime tracking and test build deployments

5. Deploy the site to a staging environment for client testing and review

6. Track, complete and review any additional revisions using GitHub and Asana

7. Deploy the completed site to the live environment

Our Approach to Coding:


Utility-first CSS structure: classes are scoped to a single CSS property, not multiple properties of a single component (such as a button).

We use Tailwindcss, however the configuration is completely custom and tailored to our design and development workflow to allow pixel-perfection.

Components are styled with utility classes. On the rare occasion it's needed, component-level CSS is stored inside the component file, not a global CSS file.

We consistently order CSS utility classes in the same order, every time, for easy readability.

Unused CSS is automatically stripped from the project during compile time to keep the page load as small and efficient as possible.

Since CSS is minimal, styles are generally loaded inline in the <head> of the page, which results in even faster page loads and no risk of a “flash” of an unstyled page as external CSS files load.

We take a small-screen-first approach, and by default target two sizes: small ("mobile") and large ("desktop").

We don't "collapse" the page layout in the traditional way that other websites do. Our powerful responsive frameworks allow site to scale dynamically relative to the size of the screen. Meaning, everything will always fit, exactly as intended, 100% of the time.


Localization is a core feature of our development workflow.

You may not need additional language support on your website now, but if we build it, it will be ready to support any number of languages that may be required in the future-without a rebuild, or lengthy development cycle.


We can develop your website to meet or exceed current AODA & WCAG AA compliance.

CMS Optional

Traditional Content Management Systems can be slow, insecure and require time-consuming (and expensive) maintenance.

We approach development with a “CMS Optional” mindset. A CMS can make content updates easier for stakeholders, however they often impose strict limits on the site's design and lock you into their development ecosystem. Further, building a site with a CMS requires a longer development cycle before your project can launch.

We built our sites without a CMS, but with the expectation that one may be added in the future-without having to rebuild the entire site.

We can implement and support various CMS platforms, including WordPress (via WP REST or GraphQL), and other headless CMS.

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